YouTube, which agrees with Activision, strengthens its position in esports publishing

Gaming publisher Activision Blizzard has signed a new agreement with Google’s cloud platform to serve game servers and other technical needs. As part of the deal, YouTube was also positioned as a private publisher of Activision Blizzard’s esports activities.

From now on, YouTube will release the coming seasons of the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League. It is possible to say that YouTube strengthened its hand against Twitch, which is in a leading position on the gaming streaming platform thanks to this deal. In the meantime, let’s remind you that Twitch was acquired by Amazon in 2014.

Although YouTube is the second most visited site in the world and the world’s largest video streaming platform, it lags behind Twitch when it comes to esports broadcasting. Twitch, which has become a gaming industry with its long-standing live broadcasts, signed a private publishing agreement with Activision Blizzard for the first two seasons of the Overwatch League.

Apparently, i’m going to have to YouTube, which was frustrated and closed the app this year, has not yet given up on the gaming industry. YouTube, which has signed a private publishing agreement with gaming industry leading content producers Jack “CouRage” Dunlop and Lachlan Power in recent months, aims to be the standout platform not only for videos but also live streaming.

YouTube’s director of gaming, Ryan Wyatt, said in a statement that more than 200 million players consume 50 billion hours of gaming content a year. It is possible to say that YouTube’s Activision deal will lead to a new direction in the live streaming competition between tech giants Google, Amazon and Facebook.

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