YouTube TV to cancel subscriptions from customers using Apple’s in-app payments

YouTube TV recently stopped accepting new users through in-app subscriptions on iPhone and iPad. YouTube has now decided to separate its TV service from Apple. The company sent e-mails to users who pay through Apple, it said. As a result, after March, Apple device owners will have to subscribe to YouTube TV via a web browser.

The email sent by YouTube stated that users will be billed for the last month’s service, and then their in-app purchase subscriptions will be automatically cancelled on the billing date after March 13, 2020. That’s why It’s possible to say that YouTube risks losing its payers completely through Apple. Because YouTube seems to be not going to let you pay with Apple in any way.

Many popular digital subscription services, including Spotify, stop accepting new subscriptions through in-app purchases. Unlike YouTube, however, Spotify allows existing customers to continue paying through Apple. Which helps keep your customers.

Under Apple’s developer terms, when a customer pays for a subscription through the App Store, the developer gets an 85 percent share, while Apple gets a 15 percent share. YouTube TV’s subscription fee is $49.99, but subscribers who pay through Apple are charged $54.99 to balance Apple’s rules. Apparently, YouTube doesn’t want to deal with tv for now.

If you remember, YouTube, which opened YouTube Music and YouTube Premium services in Turkey, was priced 30 percent more expensively to Apple users. It is unclear whether YouTube’s stance will continue for YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

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