YouTube tests profile cards showing users’ comment history

YouTube announced that it is testing profile cards that show users’ comment history on creator Insider, which focuses on content producers. The profile cards that will appear when you click on the name of a commenting user will request comments the user has made recently on the channel.

Until now, when you click on a user’s name in the comments, you were directed directly to the user’s YouTube channel. However, if there was no content posted on the channel, it was not possible to learn about the commenter. The company has been fighting fake accounts and internet trolls on its platform for some time, allowing content producers to learn more about commenters.

Within the scope of profile cards, comments left to the channel in the last 12 months will be visible. However, there is no view of comments the user leaves to other channels. Tom Leung, Director of Product Management at YouTube, said that content producers can identify those who leave the best comments on them, and hope that the ties in the YouTube community will be strengthened.

In the meantime, the profile cards will include a link that directs content producers to the users’ channel. It has not yet been explained which countries and users profile cards are open to during the testing process. However, it is worth mentioning that the feature is positive for the community, especially among the new features tested together are personalized messages.

Being able to look at the comment errand on the channel allows content producers to make a user-oriented choice when responding to comments. In this sense, content producers have a more meaningful and strong connection with their subscribers.

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