YouTube re-examines Trending

YouTube announced last week that it will no longer allow paid views and ads to affect YouTube Music lists. After that, the company will calculate the rankings only on the basis of the number of views from organic playbacks.

In addition to this new development, the methodology applied for those monitored in the last 24 hours has changed. The company will only consider organic views in calculations, including direct links to the video, search results, Watch Next and Trending. As we mentioned at the beginning, these calculations will not include video ads.

For some time, record companies have been criticised for their huge budgets on video commercials to drive up viewing of their upcoming songs.

In fact, a report on this issue by Rolling Stone detailed how this system was implemented through YouTube’s TrueView ads. This allows you to play an abated version of a music video from an advertiser, artist, or record label in front of other videos. This method also reflects the overall viewing numbers of the video, with a YouTube user interacting with the video or watching the video for a certain period of time.

It is worth mentioning examples that have recently brought this advertising to the agenda, the most prominent of which is the “Paagal” video by Indian rapper Badshah, who received 75 million views in a single day. However, it is thought that many well-known artists such as Taylor Swift and Blackpink or their record labels have resorted to this path.

This new arrangement, which will affect the music charts on YouTube, is definitely a step a platform that sells Premium subscriptions to the focus of music should definitely take. With this arrangement, YouTube can lose a large portion of the volume of video ads globally and locally, perhaps gaining the trust of users who are more valuable than it is.

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