YouTube Premium is 30 percent more expensive for Apple users in Turkey

YouTube Premium, the subscription service of YouTube, which has been open to users abroad for some time and opened to users in our country today, offers Apple users in Turkey a 30 percent higher subscription fee. YouTube Premium is offered to Android and premium users for £16.99 with a 1-month trial, and iPhone users cost £21.99 with a 3-month free trial.

YouTube’s Premium subscription feature opens to iPhone users with a 30 percent difference due to the App Store commission, and you can watch content ad-free and offline. Let’s also mention that YouTube Premium and YouTube can also benefit from YouTube Music, like Spotify.

Unlike YouTube’s ad-divided playlists so far, you can listen to your favorite music seamlessly, ad-free, and offline through YouTube Music.

In addition, we can say that YouTube videos that have been interrupted when you turn off the screen light on mobile have gone down in history with YouTube Premium. Because with the subscription, the ability to work in the background on both mobile and desktop is activated.

It is also worth noting that you can also access YouTube’s original content as a subscription, and you can access a wide range of content, from documentaries to quiz shows to movies to reality shows. However, Let’s just say That YouTube Originals doesn’t have as much of a range and content as Netflix for now. Those who want to review Content before purchasing YouTube Premium subscriptions can browse programs via YouTube Originals’ YouTube channel. YouTube Originals, which currently offers limited content, offers Turkey limited content including Escape the Night, The Thinning, This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, King of the Dancehall, Dangerous Women’s Diary and Cat.

YouTube Premium, which has been accessible to users abroad, especially in the USA for a long time, is a little late in entering the Turkish market. Because users in Turkey are already benefiting from Netflix, BluTV and Spotify subscriptions. With a limited scale for the time being in terms of content richness, YouTube Premium may find it difficult to attract users in the first place.

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