You Can Learn How to Make A Baby Cardigan with Bow

In a few steps you can learn how to make a baby cardigan with a bow. All the details of the baby cardigan knitted with brass knitting can be found on our site.

We shared all the details of the construction of the baby cardigan, which is knitted with brass knitting model and reverse straight knitting technique. The cardigan belonging to Ms. Ayse is very easy to make. You can learn how to make a baby cardigan by examining the steps below.

We started 60 stitches
We knitted tires with 5 cm brass knitting
We knitted straight until we were under the arm of 19 cm.
Now we’re pulling a noose out of 28 right arms and 28 left arms. my noose removal narration video is at the bottom
We’ll have a total of 116 stitches.

Now we’ve taken the arms out and our numbers are;
10 brass knitting – 96 straight knitting – 10 brass knitting.
We knit 10 cm in this way about 28 SIRA, which is the equivalent of the one that comes to the neck!
That’s enough toadd tonight for now.
Let’s pick up where we left off tomorrow.

28 SIRA knitted the arm AND back part up to 10 cm (10 brass-96 straight nodes-10 brass)
Now we’re going to knit the detail on the collar, and it’s in there. 10 brass-28 straight -40 stitch rice-28 straight -10 rice
That’s how we get the collar, we knit it for about 10 ROWS, and we’re going to get on the shoulders.

10 brass (arm tip)-28 straight -40 brass (collar)-28 straight -10 brass (arm tip) so we knitted 10 SIRA and we’ll make the shoulder ..!
For this;10 brass (arm tip)-28 straight -10 brass (shoulder tip) cut 20 stitch collars
and 10 brass (other shoulders) 28 straight -10 rice will continue to knit again in this way with a total of 10 SIRA ..!
So we’re doing the shoulder part and the arm together!!
We put another bottle of the previous shoulder that we cut and keep it waiting… The right front and left front sections will be knitted separately and the narrative I first knitted the left front was made accordingly.

We cut it off in the aislet ohhh it’s over what’s left.
We knitted 10 rows of shoulders
Now we’re going to make a stitch again. My favorite part is that i’m not going to be able to do that.
Remove 14 stitches (make an inverted-one flat brass)-10 brass -28 straight -10 brass (arm tip)
Now you will have a total of 24 brass in the front- 28 flat – 10 rice will be knitted again in a total of 10 rows
I opened it in the marrow during the 3rd or 4th of the front, which I’ll then insert and remove with a hidden button for the bow we’re going to make.
Now we’re going to keep knitting again, so let’s go and run.

We knitted it again until 10 rows
We will continue to knit until there will be 10 brass 42 straight 10 brass (arm tip) until there will be cuts under the arm.
From now on, you’re going to adjust it with your hand for arm cutting and cut it from where you’re sure the arm is equal, so I can’t give you the number of rows.

We cut 28 stitches- we knit 24 straight -10 rice and now we continue to knit by measuring the back.

As it turns out, we continue to knit evenly with the front back as we first started at the back.
Which is about to run out on the second front of my cardigan, but since I hid the final version in the final, I wanted to close with this photo tonight.

But I ran out of cardigans waiting for me to plant, i started bowing before planting.

It’s a great cardigan with no stitches.
I finished my early shift last night, so I left it in the morning to make bows:
The bow consists of two separate parts.
For our big part; We throw 14 stitches into our skewer, we knit a total of 80 rows of rice and finish.
The little piece will be the middle part of our bow, and we throw 7 stitches in it, our skewer, and we knit 30 rows of rice and finish it. We’re going to fold and sew the long knitted piece evenly from the sides.
We can also pass the smaller part through the middle of our bow, sew it up intact again, and use it #hirka the way we want.
That’s it. Now we want permission for the final picture. I wish we had a healthy, beautiful day

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