Yandex’s smart assistant launched in Turkey

Last May, we told you that Yandexhas made map services available to companies. Today, yandex has come up with news about its artificial intelligence-assisted smart assistant, and has launched its smart assistant named “Alisa” in Turkey.

Alisa has many talents and can provide weather and date information, as well as to tell you about road and traffic status, address and location, or to create a route. It is also possible to ask and chat with Alisa, who will support her for The First Time after Russian.

In short, Alisa, a Smart Assistant to Yandex Navigation, is being offered to users in Turkey for the first time since Russia. Users can easily access smart assistant Alisa by turning on Yandex Navigationand calling out “Alisa” or clicking on the microphone icon on the map.

From the nearest coffee shop to the on-call pharmacy, from traffic congestion to the shortest road, Alisa can respond to different traffic-related needs. Alisa’s capabilities include navigation and map information such as location search, route creation, traffic congestion, location information, as well as up-to-date information such as weather and history.

Underlining that yandex’s prioritization of turkey’s investment for Smart Assistant Alisa is another important example of the value it places on this market, Onur Karahayit, Country Manager of Yandex Turkey, said that 4.5 million users per month He also shared that he was using Navigation.

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