Yandex’s delivery robot Yandex.Rover is being tested

Russian search engine Yandexis not only known as a search engine, like its rival Google, but also for pioneering technology. The company recently began autonomous vehicle driving tests, and announced last month that it had traveled more than 1.6 million kilometres and developed autonomous driving technology.

Yandex has developed a new tool that is the subject of our story to test its software and hardware-oriented solutions for driverless cars. This six-wheeled delivery robot, called Yandex.Rover, has begun test drives. This new delivery robot, which has begun testing at the Yandex campus in Moscow, which employs 7,000 people, will carry documents delivered to it among different buildings for the time being.

Yandex.Roveris designed to be fully autonomous in the movements of robots while taking over the fetch-and-transfer jobs on campus. However, the movements of autonomous vehicles are currently monitored through an operator and vehicle testing is carried out. With this, Yandex aimed to keep the delivery robot operational in different weather conditions. Yandex.Rover is thus designed to continue its role in rainy or snowy weather.

The vehicle, which will move at a pedestrian speed, is designed to drive both day and night thanks to sensors on it. Yandex.Rover, in the face of obstacles in front of the objects around the surroundings, continues decisively. We estimate that Yandex.Rover will be an important milestone for the autonomous driving project and will commercialize the product after the tests. You can watch the images of Yandex.Rover, which takes care of the fetch jobs right below.

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