Yandex rivals TikTok with new app Sloy

Russia’s search engine giant Yandex launched a short video app with a focus on fashion and style on Monday. Yandex plans to rival China-based TikTok with this app called Sloy.

Sloy, which means layer in Russian, replaced the App Store yesterday, but for now only Russia is open to users in the Belarus and Kazakhstan regions.

Yandex, which plans to launch the app on the Android platform in 2020, said it will make Sloy available to users in Europe and the United States next year.

With more than 500 million monthly users, TikTok will face a strong competitor from the east for the first time. Nevertheless, the competing practices created by powerful silicon valley companies have not challenged TikTok’s power.

In addition to Google, which has come up in recent weeks with talks to buy TikTok’s rival Firework, Facebook has launched the TikTok-like Lasso app in 2018. Meanwhile, Snap de TikTok is one of the competitors who reached out to the young audience in the United States and became the star of social networks for a while.

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