Yandex develops Lidar sensors and cameras for driverless cars

Yandex, one of russia’s most important technology companies, has developed a delivery robot called Yandex.Rover and started testing. The delivery robot in question used Yandexto test software and hardware-focused solutions for driverless cars.

According to a new report today, Yandex is developing two new Lidar sensors and a camera for driverless cars. According to shared information, Yandex has already begun testing of the Lidar sensors and camera in Moscow.

The software and hardware technologies in question are the same as the sensors and cameras used in a delivery robot called Yandex.Rover. In short, the testing process, which started with the Yandex.Rover delivery robot, was carried to the streets of Moscow along with the vehicles.

Lidar sensors are a key part of driverless cars. Let’s add that lidar sensors are not only used by Yandex. Major companies such as Waymo, Uber and GM also use Lidar sensors for driverless cars.

Based on information shared by Yandex, Lidar sensors can make various adjustments and scans while driving thanks to the software. Sensors can focus on objects 200 metres away without any problems. This promises a safer driving experience. According to shared information, the Lidar sensors produced by Yandex will be more affordable than other sensors on the market.

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