Women’s Vest Model Made with Ice Cream Bar

We shared with you the model of women’s vest made with ice cream bar. You can knit vest ropes and ice cream sticks and women’s vests.

Don’t say you make a vest with an ice cream bar. You can make a nice lady vest model by using ice cream sticks intended to skewer. First, we double the rope, fold it in half, then we chain it with crochet. We’ll start with double rope for the base. Each model is built on 20 chains. We’re adjusting it accordingly. After the chain pull for the base part is finished, you circle your finger, extend it and string the ice cream stick. Of course, anyone who wants to use number 8 knitting skewers.

We have shared with you dozens of knitting models used for women’s vests in our previous articles. But for the first time, we share the making of a vest with a tool other than crochet and skewers. You will see in the video how beautiful this vest model is with the ice cream bar you eat.

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