Women’s Vest Cardigan Blouse Knit with Blindband Hair Braid Model

Although striped hair braid model can be used in many braids, especially knitting ladies sweaters, knitted scarves and knitted berets are an ideal example. Even a ladies’ vest, cardigan and blouse can be knitted with this knitting model.

Ms. Gonul comes up with a new knitting model narrative. The new knitting model is called a ribbon hair braid model. Scarf, berets, sweaters and vests can be knitted with striped knitting model which is one of the skewer knits. You can use this knitting technique with skewers which you can use in many knitting. Ms. Gonul again described the construction of this specimen in her simple expression.

If you are a follower of our site, you can know the heartfelt knitting videos we have previously published. The narrative is so simple that it’s told in a way that even those who don’t knit can easily understand it when you watch it. That’s why the videos get a lot of attention. The simple explanation helps the ladies to learn the model. We try to reach and share easy videos of the simplest and most beautiful braids.

There was an example that we shared on the knitting model page where you can knit women’s vests and shawls. If you’re a follower, you know that model. That model had received a lot of comments, and they thanked me. For those who want us to continue with the new models, we took the video to the channel and shared it with you here. The video narration we’re going to share now is the latest shared example. For those who want to spend these cold days knitting in winter, we will teach all knitting techniques.

Şeritli Saç Örgü Modeli

I’m thinking of making a scarf out of a striped braid model. I think a nice scarf will show up. The scarf for both children and adults looks very stylish.

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