With iOS 13, Spotify receives Siri support

In recent weeks, the iOS 13 update, which has thrilled most iPhone users, was activated on Apple devices. Two days ago, the first update of iOS 13 was available to apple users on iOS 13.1, receiving many reviews, both positive and negative. The new updates have also been affected by the popular music platform Spotify.

Apple Music, which apple has undertaken many improvements with its emphasis on service subscriptions, has gained Siri integration with the iOS 13 update, and apple music users can directly use verbal instructions to they were able to play. The same innovation is currently available to iPhone users from Spotify, The Verge reported. However, to access this feature, you must have the latest beta version of Spotify.

In fact, the fact that Apple has launched such a innovation for Spotify is very important news. Because music apps like Spotify mean that they’re on par with Apple Music in the focus of demands through Siri. If you recall, Apple recently made a change and after the reactions it had, it started pushing its own apps into the background on the App Store. Thus, third-party apps began to get in the way of Apple’s own apps. Spotify has Siri support, which means Apple is serious about it.

This new feature allows you to ask siri and Spotify songs on an iPhone, but apple doesn’t have a custom Wearable Spotify app, so it’s not currently working on an Apple Watch. It is also reported that Siri directives work more effectively with AirPods.

Finally, let’s remind you that Spotify is testing the new feature and will open it to all users in the coming days. We also have to wait a while to use the feature in Turkey.

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