Wire Breaking Handiwork Models

With the wire breaking technique, you can decorate the bridal veil, face cover, henna cover, waist belt, tablecloths, prostrates and many more handicrafts.

In our country, this handicraft art coming out of Bartin province is also used in other provinces. Wire breaking, which is one of the most preferred handicrafts of bartin ladies, is also called Bartin’s work. You can use this method which is used more in local fabrics in Bartin region. It is one of the things that must be found in the dowry of young girls who will be married in Bartin. It is decorated with the art of breaking wire and making patterns on fabrics.

You can decorate many areas with wire breaking. Wire breaking works, which are a different handicraft, have been used for many years. Although it doesn’t have much importance as it used to be, it’s still used in a lot of handicrafts in Anatolia. There are many handicrafts done by Anatolian women with wire breaking technique. It doesn’t matter as much as other handicrafts, but it’s not used at all. Weddings are used in works such as bridal veils, henna cover, waist belt and face cover. It is also used for handiwork such as towels, prostrates and tablecloths. So you can decorate the tablecloth and decorate the bridal veil with the method of wire installation.

You can examine from above the models made with this handcrafted work, also called bartin’s work. You can make different patterns on fabrics with this method. A wire and a special needle used for this work are required. You can choose the appropriate fabric and pattern and decorate for you.

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