Windmill Making Illustrated Narration

For those who are curious about how to make windmills, windmill production has been added to our site as illustrated.

If you want to have fun with the kids, make a windmill with them. You can have fun with the children by making wind roses in a very short time. You can also use your windmills in the décor of your home. It’s easy to make the windmills you’ll use for multi-purpose purposes. We share this article for those who are curious about how to make a pinwheel, otherwise known as a pinwheel.

There is no need for too much material to make windmills. You can make wind roses with a few materials that we have given below. Let’s all learn how to do it together.

Necessary Materials for Windmill Construction

Cardboard or Paper
Something like a Pen or A Slat
Pencil or crayon to draw cardboard

Rüzgar gülü yapılışı 1

First of all, we tilt the mouth of the pin as shown in the picture above.

Rüzgar gülü yapılışı 2

Then we cut the paper or cardboard, which is square in the size you want, from the corners to the middle, as in the picture above.

Rüzgar gülü yapılışı 3

We attach a piece that we cut from 4 edges to the middle as above and glue it with adhesive.

Rüzgar gülü yapılışı 4

We put the needle right in the middle of the paper or cardboard and dip it in the eraser part of the pen.

Rüzgar gülü yapılışı 5

We’ve completed the paper windmill making process. You can also put the windmills you have made in the jar as follows and use them as decoration products.

Rüzgar gülü yapılışı 6

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