Why did Netflix lift free membership in Turkey?

Netflix’sfree 1-month membership system, which offers users as a trial version, has been removed in Turkey. There have been several rumors about the removal of this feature, but a Netflix spokesman has received a statement.

“As Netflix, we are planning different campaigns to win new members in Turkey and give them a great Netflix experience,” a Netflix spokesperson said.

In exchange for the abolition of a 1-month trial, we should point out that Netflix, which plans to continue the acquisition of members with new campaigns, does not take such a decision only for Turkey. Previously, free membership was abolished for one month in the United Kingdom and Mexico.

At this point, it’s possible to say why Netflix has chosen such a path. Actually, the answer is pretty simple. 6 months ago, Netflix announced that it had 1.5 million paid members in Turkey, and decided to try different campaigns in the gain of members with sufficient content and their sufficient awareness.

Even though we do not know clearly the company’s turnover in Turkey, we can say that it is over 500 million TL in 2019. The company generated $5.47 billion in revenue globally in the last quarter of 2019 and revenue of $20.16 billion over the year.

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