White Purple Green Color Snowdrop Flower Needle Point Model

We are here with the needle point snowdrop model, which is a great example of a vote. The construction stages of this example, which we share with video, are located on our site.

We continue to share needle work at full speed. The example we’re going to share now is called a snowdrop game. The snowdrop model made with needle point can be applied to the edges of kitchen towels, hand and face towels, as well as to the edges of the writing.

Narrative needle work shares are frequently made on our site. We know that ladies who want to learn needle votes frequently visit our site. We share the narratives of the votes in a way that is easy and understandable for them. There are hundreds of examples on the page in terms of oya diversity.  Here you can find a model for your own taste and start doing it immediately.

Kardelen Oyası Modeli

The 11-minute video we shared shared how the needle point snowdrop model was made. After watching the video of the oya model described in stages, you can do it without any difficulty.

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