Which digital music platform is more profitable for the consumer to use as a premium? (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal)

During the day we talked with you about Spotify increasing premium membership prices for Turkey. Although prices will be reflected in the first month of next year, we can say that there has been a significant increase considering the old prices. We also took a look at some of Spotify’s competitors serving in Turkey, especially in terms of price, and interesting results came out.

First, let’s remind you once again of spotify’sold and new prices. Student membership used to be 6.99 TL, 8.99 TL, individual membership 13.99 TLL, 17.99 TL and family membership 20.99 TL while 26.99 TL. As a result, the pricing on Spotify is as follows:

At Apple Music,it’s a little different. For Apple Music, which offers almost the same features and creates personalized playlists just like Spotify, prices are as follows:

Launched in recent months, YouTube Music’sprices are the same as for Apple Music in all types of membership. However, Because YouTube Music is a newer platform than others, some of its musical features may be inadequate. But as a result of its YouTube focus, YouTube Music also features music videos that highlight the platform. That’s what makes him seispire with his rivals. Here’s the YouTube Music charge:

Deezer,which was actively used in our country some time ago but decreased its use as its competitors increased, has a charge as follows;

As you can see, Deezer does not have a special membership type for students and the platform is very advantageous in terms of pricing compared to others. Deezer also has a beautiful archive and user-focused playlists. However, given student packages on Apple Music and YouTube Music, Deezer is not particularly advantageous to students.

Finally, let’s talk about Tidal. Even though its use is not as widespread as other platfoms in our country, Tidal also stands out with its affordable prices. The plans for membership on the platform are as follows:

As a result, with the new price hike, Spotify is the most expensive of all platforms. However, as we said, these prices will be reflected to the user in January 2020. If there hasn’t been any increase in other platforms by then, it looks like it’s going to remain the most expensive. On platforms, prices are like the one stipulated above, while the features it offers may vary according to the user’s expectations. So if you want to change your platform or find the music platform that best suits you, my advice would be to check out the free trials of apps.

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