WhatsApp’s new invitation feature will leave the user to participate in groups or not

WhatsApp,the popular messaging app of the recent era, can sometimes infuriate users, although useful. WhatsApp can become one of the biggest problems, especially because it can be added to unwanted groups without the permission of the person. However, the messaging app aims to eliminate this problem with its new feature.

WhatsApp, which leaves the group preference to the user, is taking the invitation feature to the air. With the new WhatsApp update, users will have three options for groups. Just like the profile photo and status vision features, users, Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody will be able to choose from their options. This allows users to decide who can add them to groups.

If you’ve chosen anyone, those who aren’t attached to your guide can add you to a group. Only people who choose my contacts will be able to add them to groups of people in their contacts. When you select no one, you have the option to approve or reject someone when they add you to groups. With no one option, a special invitation will be received from the person who wants to add the user to any group. There will be a three-day deadline to confirm this invitation. Invitations that are not accepted within three days will then be voided.

If you’re tired of adding to WhatsApp groups without being asked, what you need to do is really simple. First, open the WhatsApp app, then you need to go to account settings. When you also click the Privacy option in the account settings, you’ll see that the Groups section appears. Finally, when you choose one of the three options mentioned above, you personalize the WhatsApp group settings.

Let’s also mention that this app is not currently active for all users, but will be available to everyone with updates.

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