What is Quilling, How to Make Quilling?

Quilling corresponds in our language as the art of twisting wire snow or paper. The art of shaping these fine-striped papers around a special curling wire after fine cutting of color paper is called quilling. Quilling is a true paper art. This art, which is mistaken for Origami, is often used in home decorations.

With quilling you can do a lot of different things. You can decorate the frame edges and decorate into the dashboard. You can make little motifs and put them anywhere. These products that look quite stylish and beautiful are actually not very difficult to make. Although quilling art is easy, it requires patience. It’s important to master the details.

You can find thinly cut and prepared papers in strips ready in many places.

You can visualize this art, which can be made using quilling art materials, by looking at examples. It is quite difficult to do this without special crushing wire or needle and other materials. You can watch the video below so you can see the details more clearly.

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