What has Amazon introduced at the Alexa event?

Amazon,which has become one of the most important players in the artificial intelligence-assisted virtual assistant market with Alexa, introduced new hardware products with its Alexa event held yesterday. Amazon, which is particularly popular on the desktop speaker side with echo models, has new speakers, smart glasses and wireless headset. Below you can find all the products amazon introduced at the Alexa event.

Echo Dot with Clock,a new member of the Echo family, was introduced as a revamped version of the Echo Dot, an affordable member of the Echo family. Featuring an LED display on the front, the Echo Dot with Clock can show the watch or weather to the user. Add that the Echo Dot with Clock has a price tag.

Echo Studio,the newest and largest member of the family, is positioned as a competitor to Apple’s HomePod. Echo Studio, which also supports 3D audio and Dolby Atmos technologies, has 5 drives. Echo Studio is a very ambitious model for sound performance and has a price tag of 0.

Entering the all-wireless headphone market, Amazon introduced the first fully wireless headset model, the Echo Buds. Bose’s Echo Buds, which features active noise reduction technology, comes with support from Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence-assisted virtual assistant. At a price of 9, Echo Buds offers a 5-hour battery life.

Echo Show 8 comes with an 8-inch display, which can be seen as the name of the Echo Show,which comes as a smaller version of the 10-inch Echo Show. Echo Show 8, which allows you to watch videos and make video calls, has a price tag of 9.

At the top of the world’s most widely used smart speaker models, the Echo has been completely revamped in terms of design. The Echo has a more modern look and a choice of 4 different colors. Add that the refurbished Echo has a price tag of .

Echo Glow is a particularly suitable model for children’s use and can be used as a speaker that can fundamentally change color. Echo Glow, which has a price tag of , also has Alexa support.

The Echo Flex,which comes across as a small smart speaker plugged in, has a price tag of . Echo Flex is much smaller in size than other products and can easily answer your questions thanks to Alexa support.

Echo Frames,the most interesting product introduced at the Alexa event yesterday, can be used as a smart alexa-powered spectacle. Echo Frames has a price tag of 0 and has 4 micro speakers. Let’s add that Echo Frames supports voice commands and transfers incoming notifications to the user. With a price tag of 9, the Loop model serves as a smart ring that can be used for speedphone calls.

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