What Foods Go Well Besides Stuffing?

What foods go alongside olive oil or stuffing with meat? Soups, salads and desserts that will go well besides stuffing.

All kinds of stuffing, which is one of our traditional tastes and which is one of the most preferred dishes of housewives, are very popular. Stuffing can be prepared with many different types of vegetables, meat or meat, and a wide variety of methods, each delicious from each other. It can be made by using vegetables such as peppers, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes and artichokes, and filled with rice with various spices added to their insides. In addition, stuffings made with cabbage or leaf wrap and olive oil are very popular and highly appreciated among the public.

There are many alternatives to accompany in addition to filling, as is consumed at various meals alone. It varies depending on what dishes should be made next to the filling and what is best suited to the type of filling and what is made with it. Besides filling, which is good and delicious in every way, the food to be served is also important. In this article you will find them, which foods go well, what are the best and delicious alternatives, besides stuffing.

Zeytinyağlı Dolma

If one of the olive oil stuffing varieties is to be served as a main course, you can serve olive oil pepper, cabbage stuffing or wrapping with lemon. Lemon will enhance the taste of stuffing as well as visually.

A hot soup goes very well before it’s filled with olive oil. You can start with a delicious soup and start filling up as the main course. You can make esogelin, cheddar tomatoes, lentils, noodle soups, chicken soup or any kind of soup according to your request.

Besides stuffing with olive oil, one of the best things is cacik, yogurt or buttermilk. With plenty of salad and plenty of yogurt, it will add incredible flavour to a little stuffed with garlic. When you definitely make a stuffing with olive oil, add one of these and you’ll see that it looks great together.

If you don’t want to eat yoghurt or tea, sweetor compote can be a very nice and delicious choice. You can try varieties such as grape delight, apricot sweetener, peach or apple sweetener.

In addition to all this, you can also make a second main course with olive oil stuffing. This second main course could be a meaty meal. Besides a juicy meal with meat, you can serve the stuffing without soup. Or you might prefer a meatless vegetable dish. You can cook fresh beans with tomatoes, olive oil, kidney beans or okra.

Depending on the season, you can add a salad as well as stuffed with olive oil. A salad with plenty of lemon and greens and enriched with tomatoes, cucumbers or carrots would be the perfect choice.

Zeytinyağlı Dolma

Stuffed meat is a main course in itself. For this reason, it is good to start with a hot soup beforehand. You can choose from one of the soups we mentioned above. It’s better if you don’t choose chicken soup.

Besides stuffing with meat, cacik, yogurt or buttermilk goes absolutely well. There’s no stuffing that a casserole with lots of cucumbers and yogurt won’t go well. Another alternative is; roasted red pepper, green pepper and eggplant with plenty of yogurt, olive oil and garlic. Besides stuffing with meat, it will be a delicious and harmonious dish.

Zeytinyağlı Dolma

In addition, meat peppers, eggplant, potatoes, stuffed zucchini or stuffed with meat and cabbage, as well as the best thing that can go potato salad. Other than that, a good seasonal salad goes well with meat stuffings.

After all the stuffing dishes, you can end the meal with a milky or syrupy dessert depending on the season.

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