We’ve examined Ford Otosan’s autonomous convoy generation drive on site

Last November, Ford Otosan introduced the Ford F-Vision and F-MAX models,the electric and autonomous truck concept, at the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair, which we, as Webrazzi, followed. In December, Ford Otosan,which had a significant cooperation, announced that it was cooperating with AVL to develop autonomous convoy generation technology.

The collaboration paid off for its first day, and yesterday the first test drive was conducted on Platooning, the autonomous convoy generation technology. Autonomous convoy generation technology allows multiple trucks to move autonomously and save fuel with the wind tunnel created.

Add to that the test used the F-MAX, which Ford introduced last year. Although the main target is level 4 autonomous driving technologies, the vehicles used in yesterday’s test had level 2 autonomous driving capabilities.

Details of the Platooning test drive that took place at ford Otosan Inonu Factoryin Eskisehir and which we followed from the place can be found in our video.

Last year, joining forces with AVL, ‘Platooning – Autonomous Convoy’ technology, expressed that they have begun to work to develop Ford Otosan Deputy General Manager Burak Gökçelik,working on autonomous trucks today they also shared the joy of being one of the world’s few truck manufacturers who invested in this field and, most importantly, had a prototype product that could be displayed.

Gökçelik stated that this project, which is a first in our country, will lead autonomous vehicle development activities in Turkey and that the developments in the field of heavy commercial vehicles are not only in Turkey, but all over the world. it will also serve as a basis for the implementation of autonomous transport.

Talking about the benefits of Platooning technology and the functioning of the system, AVL Vice President Rolf Dreisbach said the collaboration would lead to the acquisition of autonomous technologies to heavy commercial vehicles. Finally, trucks with level 2 autonomous driving capabilities are expected to be on the road in 2022and trucks with level 4 autonomous driving capabilities are expected to be on the road by 2028.

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