Webrazzi team’s most used apps and services in 2019

While testing new products and applications to transfer to you, some of these products are permanently included in our lives. While we looked at the applications and services that we use the most this year, we saw that some names have not changed and some names have come into our lives this year. Below are the apps and services that the Webrazzi team uses most in 2019.

Instagram and Twitter lead social networking apps, while youTube and LinkedIn social networking giants, as well as relatively new names such as Telegram and TikTok, are on the list. The reason why Telegram is positioned as a social network instead of a messaging app is because of public groups that stand out for their interaction.

Hyper-Casual games such as Homescapes, Words of Wonders, as well as songpop information game and Tiny Room Stories puzzle-like escape game were among the mobile games of choice by the Webrazzi team. Action games such as Archero, Nonogram and PUBG are also the most played mobile games in the office.

Meanwhile, Although YouTube is positioned as a social network, the company’s steps in digital publishing have also provided the basis for its use of digital broadcasting as a platform within the team. Nevertheless, Netflix stands out as the most used digital broadcasting platform by the Webrazzi team. With its original documentary content and Behzat Ç. move, BluTVis also preferred within the team.

Spotify led the music services used by the Webrazzi team, while Apple Music, SoundCloud and YouTube Music were among the preferred apps. We can say that YouTube’s Premium feature, which is being broadcast in Turkey, has begun to manifest itself in the Webrazzi team. In addition, another music service that stood out within the team was Tidal.

Google Maps and Yandex navigation, as well as the municipality’s Mobiett and istanbulkart applications were frequently used in transportation applications.

Mobiett provides a serious convenience both to show when the bus will arrive via the QR codes at the stop, as well as with the information it provides about stops and times. There are also those who would prefer to receive a similar service from Moovit. Those who use public transportation within the team also prefer the Istanbulkart app to display the balance left on the card.

Turkish Airlines, Skyscanner and flypgs are among the applications used frequently by the team for long-distance or international flight journeys.

Let’s add that isCep, Garanti BBVA, Enpara, Maximum and Cepteteb are used in banking applications. In cloud storage applications, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and Yandex Disk were preferred.

As a team, we can say that we have a year rich in productivity applications. Mainly slack and Trello preferences, as well as time management tools such as Sectograph, Note-taking applications such as Todoist, Evernote and Keep came to the fore. Pipedrive was preferred as sales management tools, while Pocket and Feedly were used in digital broadcast tracking. Let’s add that habit applications such as Loop and Meditation are preferred, as well as time-saving applications such as 1Password. In the field of education, edX and Coursera were preferred.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Webrazzi team enjoys using it the most.

While the sourness between us and the sour app revealed itself, the favorite of the art lovers in the team was the theater ticket platform SanatCepte and Google Arts & Culture.

The Remini app, which makes improvements to artificial intelligence and older or low-resolution photos through artificial intelligence, was among the most popular.

This year, the Webrazzi team chose Polarr, RNI Films, Photofox, Lightroom, VSCO, Composition and Pixomaticto edit photos. While groovo was preferred to create beautiful videos, canva was the office’s fast design solution.

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