Ways to Remove Toilet Odor

How to remove the smell of toilets? Natural ways to remove the smell of toilets with the materials found in your home are explained in this article.

The most important step in eliminating the smell of toilets is of course to pay attention to frequent cleaning and hygiene. However, sometimes the bathroom and toilet, which are frequently used during the day, do not protect its clean smell for a long time, even if it is very much effortand clean. All cleaning methods keep the toilet clean for a while and avoid disturbing bad smells. However, due to problems with plumbing, constant humidity and presence of bacteria and mold, we notice that bad odors come back in a short period of time. Although deodorizing tablets are frequently used to remove toilet odor, they can be generally harmful because they are chemical. Rather than these, it is possible to remove the smell of toilets by using a number of natural methods.

Tuvalet Kokusu

One of the most effective natural ways to remove toilet odor is to use essential essential oils. Since essential oils have a very pungent smell and also have antibacterial properties, eliminating toilet odorwill be a very good natural alternative. Lemon, orange, lavender, grapefruit, bergamot and lavender essential oils are among the essential oils you can use. If you drop a few drops of essential oil directly into your toilet and then flush it, you’ll see that the bad smells disappear.

You can also prepare a mixture of several essential oils. In a small spray bottle, add 10 drops of the three essential oils of your choice over 250 ml of water. From this essential oil mixture, spray the toilet 3-4 times after each use. You’ll find that there’s a fresh smell in your bathroom just as you get rid of the bad smells.

Limon Kabuğu

Lemon peel acts like essential oils. Because lemon peel contains densely scented natural oils and these oils quickly remove odors. Boil the peel of a few fresh lemons with a cup of water for 3-4 minutes. Add the juice of one lemon and place it in a bowl with its mouth open in various parts of your bath. In your bathroom you will get a fresh and intense fragrance as well as eliminate the bad toilet smells.

Karbonat ve Limon Suyu

Carbonate and lemon juice absorb bad odors, preventing the toilet from smelling and also eliminating the bacteria that multiply, ensuring that the surfaces are immaculate. In addition, carbonate and lemon juice do not erode your surfaces and installation. The carbonate you use in your bathroom will attract all the bad smells and lemon will spread a nice fragrance. To do this, the mixture you can prepare in a spray bottle is as follows: add the juice of 4 lemons into a glass of water and mix it with 1/4 cup of carbonate. Spray this mixture into and around the toilet.  In addition, if you keep a glass of carbonate and lemon juice mixture in the appropriate areas of your bathroom, you prevent the formation of bad odors.

White vinegar, which has disinfectant properties, is a great organic product for cleaning the toilet and eliminating odors as well as the whole house. You can also get rid of the bad smells in the toilet with a 1:3 water-vinegar mixture that you can prepare in a spray bottle. Stir in a cup of water with 3 cups of vinegar and spray on the canvas and around. After spraying the vinegar, it’s a good thing to wipe the outside of the toilet with a damp cloth. Vinegar prevents bad odors and bacteria are dead, defrosting stains and puddles around the toilet.

Besides all this, frequent ventilation of your bathroom, scented soaps and candles in the bathroom will help to remove bad odors and spread the fragrances.

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