Ways to Become a Phenomenon on Instagram

You have also noticed that Instagram is gaining more and more popularity among social media platforms. In fact, the strongest reason for this is that you can tell a lot with just one photo. But our topic is not about the growing popularity of Instagram, but on how to gain popularity on this platform! Being a phenomenon is, of course, an option that not every user can say “no” to, and if you really want to do this, we’ll start to tell you what you need to do.



First, you must have integrity in your Instagram account. You can start by choosing a simple and memorable name. However, keep in mind that your shares should be related to this name. That’s why you understand that you shouldn’t share unrelated frames from the name. Technology, fashion, life, travel, personal care, celebrities… We can replicate these samples. First, you need to determine which area you want to be a phenomenon in. Your profile must also be suitable for this area!



Here’s the biggest mistake ever made. Resharing a shared and highly acclaimed frame will never yield you a return. It can even cause you to lose followers. If you want to be a phenomenon on Instagram, you have to be creative. At this point, you first need to have a very good control of the Instagram filters. Play with filters, try colors and specialize yourself in it. Because you need to get even more stunning frames by filtering the photos you share. Did we need to state that your shares should be authentic?

Interacting with your followers is more important than you think. Just waiting for likes and comments from them will only cause you to stay in the marathon of being a phenomenon forever, but not to reach the finish line. Like and comment on your followers’ shares. This will further increase the interaction and your new followers will start opening their doors to your profile. Remember, interaction is the most important element in social media!



Instagram users love surveys and contests. And if there’s an award-winning contest, you’ll be able to create excitement. In award-winning competitions, the prize doesn’t necessarily have to be too big. Because the followers like to show themselves in an award-winning contest rather than a prize. Organize award-winning contests or surveys without exaggeration. But there is an important criterion here. Organizing 1 contest a week can also become boring over time. You have to adjust the dosage of the period very well.



We saved the most important criterion for last. Because we want to keep it in mind. If you want to be a real phenomenon on this platform, you have to be original, you have to be yourself. We live in a time when no one is interested in a completely artificially planned profile. When you look at the current Instagram phenomena, you can see that they’re all original and add something to their sharing. So be yourself! Instagram usage, designed on a project, can give you a lot of artificial taste. Originality is the most important of the issues we have just listed!


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