Wavy Triangles Knitting Model Baby and Women’s Vest Sample

You can knit many knits such as baby blankets, baby vests and women’s vests with the easy-to-knit and very tasteful wavy triangles knitting model. it can even be knitted in a knitted beret and scarf.

We are here with a very sought-after example that is easy to knit. Lately, a very much asked example was made by Ms. Gonul shared. I’ve been calling ladies for a long time asking how it’s done, but I haven’t been able to answer. Today, when I watched youtube knitting videos, I saw the making of the wavy triangles knitting model. An easy-to-knit example that can be used in knitting, such as baby and women’s vests.

Dalgalı üçgenler modeli

Wavy triangles are an example of a knitting model made with skewers. If you ask me what it would look best, I think it would be better suited to baby vests. Of course, you can also use it in knitting such as women’s vests and blankets.

Dalgalı üçgenler modeli

The example of wavy triangles is woven with a size 3.5 skewer and luxurious minnosh. For example, the motifs consist of 10 stitches and 16 ordinary. In the video, the description of the example is made by removing 2 motifs. A total of 23 stitches were made for 2 motifs, including 20 stitches and 1 additional stitch and 2 edge stitches.

you can also learn how to make the most made and sought-after model in the article. We shared this example because the bride’s vests were so sought after. If you’re going to knit a vest, start with this vest. We’ll continue to share. Handcrafted hobbies if you have narrative weaves that you like on our site, you can share them from your social media accounts and reach more people

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