Water Wave Knitting Baby Blanket Model

You can make a summer, winter and spring baby blanket model by making a rainbow color combination with the water wave mesh model.

You can knit baby blankets that you can use every season with the crochet water wave knitting model. You can make a crop out of a baby blanket. It can be made by knitting 2 different colors. You can also make summer blouses with batik or cologne rope.

Tığ İşi Su Dalgası Örgü

With the color combination, this knitting model looks more elegant. A friend of ours used yellow, green, blue and white. The knitting with these colors looked very nice. You can do combined with different colors.

Su Dalgası Örgü Modeli

We shared the construction of the water wave mesh model with the video below. Once you know how to make the knitting, you can knit baby blankets. The blankets you’re going to knit will keep your babies warm all the time.

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