Wanda Digital joins Ogilvy Istanbul

Aiming to better serve brands that need integrated communication solutions, Ogilvy Istanbul has incorporated Wanda Digital to provide its customers with an integrated and enriched brand experience.

With Wanda Digital joining the agency, Ogilvy Istanbul also brings “Customer Engagement and Commerce” service to Turkey, one of Ogilvy Global’s most effective competence areas in developed markets.

This space is shaped by a combination of creativity, technology and data, which supports brands to create a personalized customer experience. Customer Interaction and Sales service aims to create one-to-one relationships to achieve measurable results on sales across all channels.

In the new era, Burchak Günsev will manage Ogilvy Istanbul’s Customer Interaction and Sales competency field. Burak Günsev will ensure that both Ogilvy Istanbul and its agency customers are renewed in line with current trends and technological developments with the “Manager in Charge of Technology and Innovation” titresion.

Demet Ikiler, Turkey’s Country President of WPP, one of the world’s largest advertising and communication conglomerates, is affiliated with Ogilvy Global, and in line with WPP’s new strategy, its priorities are less numerous, but more inclusive and more inclusive in terms of its services. he stated that it was building strong structures and continued:

Ogilvy Istanbul CEO Emine Barcu stated that increased transparency with the rise of digitization gave more options, more information and more power to the target groups of brands, and emine Barcu, CEO of Ogilvy Istanbul, was described as the “customer age” for brands during this period. he stressed that it is even more important to keep the pulse of its target audience and to produce solutions according to this rhythm. Barker, continued his description with the following sentences:

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