Waffle Wafer Knitting Model Baby Blanket Making

We have published on our site for you the construction of waffle wafer knitting model made with crochet that you can use to make baby blankets.

You will also like this model, which is often used in baby blankets and is called waffle knitting abroad. Crochet is used in the construction of the model. It is one of the knitting models that you must learn from among the knitting techniques. It is called the wafer knitting model because it looks like a wafer. Thick rope and thick crochet reveals a beautiful knitting. First of all, we need number 3-4 crochet, the model is very easy to make. We start knitting by pulling chains to the crochet. You’ll have to pull 14,150 chains for a big blanket.

Apart from baby blankets, you can also make blankets for adults with this model. Bed spreads can also be made. Find out how to make the waffle knitting we’ve video-released. If you’re into knitting, you don’t have to be afraid. Because it is a model that can be done easily.

Waffle Örgü Bebek Battaniyesi

Waffle Örgü Modeli

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