Vodafone Is also opening for users of other operators

Vodafone,which is one of the GSM operators serving in our country, announced that Vodafone Mewith its application will be available for users of other operators. According to information shared by the company, Vodafone’s “Gift Wheel”platform, which was implemented 3 years ago to give its individual customers internet and surprise gifts each week, has been renewed.

In line with customer needs and expectations, richer and varied gifts will be offered on the platform renewed end-to-end. On the platform accessed through vodafone meapp, up to 20 GB of internet, communication, video and social pass packages that do not eat from the internet, and discounts on brands will be distributed surprise gifts.

Vodafone’s “Gift Wheel” platform will offer 630 people the chance to win a total of 3 million TL worth of gifts with a large draw dedicated to the new era. Participation will last until March 29, 2020 and will be open to other operator users, with the draw, 5 people will be given BMW 118i cars, 25 people with ASpa motorcycle, 100 people will be given an iPhone 11 smartphone and 500 people Apple AirPods wireless headphones.

Vodafone Turkey, while continuing its steady growth in the telecommunications sector, which is the main areas of activity, vodafone Turkey executive vice president Engin Aksoy,who also shares their rapid progress towards becoming a ‘technology communication company’, said that other operator users can benefit from the “Gift Wheel” draw.

Vodafone Meside app’s monthly number of active customers exceeds 11.5 million and monthly visit traffic reaches 260 million.

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