Village Themed Terrarium Construction

We are here with the construction of a village-themed terrarium made entirely of materials collected from nature. Terrarium construction and details on our site!

I will share with you the terarium shared by Mahmut Kaplan in the recycling projects group and made entirely with materials collected from nature. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mahmoud for allowing him. He shared step-by-step how he built the village-themed terarium by collecting materials from nature. We wanted to give you an idea by taking this beautiful work and adding it to our site. How it is made, what materials are used are given with the pictures below.

Let’s examine the adventure of mahmut brain terrarium construction together.

Teraryum Yapımı 1

I started taking plastic pelvis from the A101. I’ve made a compartment for the stream I’m going to do in the future.

Teraryum Yapımı 2

The house I made with ice cream sticks.

Teraryum Yapımı 3

I used the oval parts of the rods for the roof.

Teraryum Yapımı 4

I used styrofoam for the door and beads for the tok.

Teraryum Yapımı 5

I threw away the liner paint with acrylic paint.

Teraryum Yapımı 6

I glued the plastic plant to move the window.

Teraryum Yapımı 7

I made a water well by covering the lid of the perfume bottle with stone.
The roof of the well is made of toilet paper rolls…

Teraryum Yapımı 8

I ripped the chain of the well from a toy. I made a cardboard bucket.

Teraryum Yapımı 9

I carve the inside of a bark to make the sheep trough.

Teraryum Yapımı 10

The trough is ready.

Teraryum Yapımı 11

I used toothpicks to make a elbow.

Teraryum Yapımı 12

The elbow is ready.

Teraryum Yapımı 13

The marble I found on the side of a construction to use as a road in front of the house.

Teraryum Yapımı 14

Now we can go close-ups…

Teraryum Yapımı 15

I collected the algae from the trees and the sidewalks.

Teraryum Yapımı 16


Teraryum Yapımı 17

It was as if a tree was missing next to the house…

Teraryum Yapımı 18

It’s the best plant for a minitree.

Teraryum Yapımı 19

Teraryum Yapımı 20

Our tree has taken its place. It’s nice to see a tree trunk.

Teraryum Yapımı 21

Teraryum Yapımı 22

The construction of streams has begun.

Teraryum Yapımı 23

I’m dimming so there’s no water on the ground.

Teraryum Yapımı 24

Sand for the lower base of the stream.

Teraryum Yapımı 25

I laid out the sand. I laid cardboard on it.

Teraryum Yapımı 27

I covered the cardboard with silica sand.

Teraryum Yapımı 28

I lifted the sand and laid out nylon.

Teraryum Yapımı 29

I painted it with acrylic paint to create depth.

Teraryum Yapımı 30

I painted the stones green to look mossy.

Teraryum Yapımı 31

That’s all for now. I’m going to fill the pool with 100 layers of varnish. It’ll look like there’s water in it.

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