Very Stylish Needle Point Kitchen Towel Edge Model

We are with you with the construction of a very stylish needle point to decorate the kitchen towel edge. Decorate kitchen towel side laces with this needle point model.

Many ladies prefer needle work to decorate the edges of the kitchen towel. Kitchen towels decorated with needle point are preferred because they look more polite and elegant. In an earlier article, we shared our needle point kitchen towel. To help those who want to make a kitchen towel edge model, the example we have shared includes a nice needle point.

İğne Oyası Mutfak Havlu Kenar Modeli Yapılışı

 In our article, we shared towels decorated with needle work. However, the room made for the kitchen towel edge had very little space on our site. In our current article, we share a nice needle point model for the kitchen towel edge. Model Joy’s Eye Nuru needle is taken from the Oya. Joy lady again put all her skills on the line and shared on her page how to make this gorgeous kitchen towel edge oya. So we had his permission and uploaded this sample of needle work to more visitors.

İğne Oyası Mutfak Havlu Kenar Modeli Yapılışı

İğne Oyası Mutfak Havlu Kenar Modeli Yapılışı

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