Very Different Clotting Flowers Needle Point Model

flowers made with needle point clots. If you are looking for different needle point models, it is a flower-bearing model made with wide-looking clots.

You can make the wide-looking needle point model below with the needle point construction stages. The needle point for the writing edges used for the headscarf looks very cute with wide oyas. Especially dowry writings also look great in the wide needle point models.

Tired of seeing the same vote models on every page and on every site? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. First of all, all you have to do is keep in mind the address of our site. If you google it and search for handcrafted hobbies, you’ll find it. Since new models are constantly being added to our site, it is in your best way to keep the address in mind.

Lalegul Simsek this cute needle point model made by our friend was very much appreciated and interpreted by the ladies in the groups. So I shared it with you here in case my visitors liked it. The construction stages of the needle point and the oya in 4 steps are below.

You can look at the pictures step by step and learn how to make the wide game model. How do I do a needle point? It’s an example that even those who ask can do very easily.

Pıtırcık Çiçekler

Pıtırcık Oya

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