Velvet Rope Home Boat Construction Narrated

Easy velvet boot models are home booties that you will never want to take off in winter. These house boots, which are soft and keep the foot warm, can be knitted from various ropes. Today we’re going to tell you about the construction of velvet rope home boots. You can look for the construction of felt-based ones. If you live in cold places or if the floor of your house is stone, you can also sew a felt base on your own velvet house boots.

Velvet rope is slightly different from this boot knitting. Babes are short, so they can be knitted in one piece. However, we knit the home boat models in more parts or more and then combine them.

You can use a ready-made base if you like during the construction of a velvet rope tasseled boot, or you can knit the base yourself. You can determine the size much more easily by using the base that you will get ready according to your foot size. Number 36-37 has 46 holes in the bases, which may vary depending on the base number. You should try not to dismantle the home boat while knitting it, so you have to be as careful as possible because the rope wears out so easily.

One and a half yuan is generally enough for a house boat. Depending on the changing size, you can take two yuan. you can use the soft velvet ropes of the brand you want. You can use the number two and a half one as crochet. When using a ready base, make the junction point with the base by making two frequent needles in each hole. We’re only going to do it on the nose and soles. Apart from the nose and base parts, you can make a single frequent needle at the distance.

You can watch the video with the description of the knitted home boat, where you can see all the details.

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