University of Chicago professors develop wristbandblocking spy microphones

University of Chicago professors have developed a wristband that blocks spy microphones and provides speech privacy. The wristband, which looks just like a smartwatch and is described as “bracelet of silence,” consists of a large white cuff with barbed transducers. When the user opens the wristband, the 24 speakers that emit ultrasonic signals start working, making it impossible for a person to eavesdrop on the current environment.

The sound, which spreads, is not detected by most ears, except for young people and dogs, the New York Times reported, but nearby microphones detect high-frequency sound instead of other sounds. Let’s also note that the sound emitted is what is called white noise. You can activate the privacy bracelet at any time when there are secret conversations you want to say.

Smart speakers and microphones have become more common in the last few years. According to National Public Media, 24 percent of U.S. adults have a smart speaker in their home. They leave their privacy to Amazon and Google. Because you’ll remember, it was revealed that Google’s voice assistant recorded the voices without permission, and so many people’s personal lives were exposed. The bracelet developed aims to prevent such problems.

Currently, the only prototype-generated privacy bracelet is said to cost as much as $20. Although it doesn’t seem very functional in terms of size, we can say that it will be a useful device for those looking for privacy in all aspects of life. You can see how the bracelet works from the video below.

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