Uber lays off 435 employees in product and engineering departments

Uber, which came up with a drop in market value after the IPO, today announced that it has laid off 435 people working in the product and engineering departments. 170 people were removed from the product team, while 265 members of the engineering team were fired.

The proportion of people hired is 8% compared to the whole organization. The layoffs have nothing to do with the company’s favorite product, Eats and Freight.

It is also worth noting that since the beginning of Austoa, the company has stopped hiring drivers in its product and engineering departments. Let’s add that only 5 percent of the layoffs affect European, Middle Eastern and African operations.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi’s management team: “If you were to start from the beginning, would your department be in its current state?” it shows he’s taking action.

Uber, which also pulled 400 people from the Marketing team in July, may be reconsidering its company and its costs as it suffers a decline in value. Uber said in an official statement that it currently employs a total of 27,000 full-time people in different cities around the world, while the layoffs will reorganize the company and positively affect performance.


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