U.S. investigates 13 accidents involving Tesla with autopilot

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety administration, the other day in Los Angeles, Tesla‘s autopilot vehicle involved in the accident that killed two people, he said. I was told to investigate whether the autopilot caused the accident.

The black Tesla in question crashed into another vehicle after passing the red light. A male and female passenger in the vehicle died at the scene. A male and female passenger at Tesla was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A special accident investigation team was subsequently assigned to investigate the car and the crash site. This team examined 13 accidents involving Tesla vehicles, which the agency believes work in the autopilot system. However, it is not yet known if the vehicle’s autopilot was active at the time of the accident.

Tesla is expected to comment on the matter, but the company has yet to comment. On December 9, a Tesla Model 3 crashed into two parked cars in the U.S. state of Connecticut, slowing down about 100 metres before stopping and continuing to drive. The driver of the car admitted that he had put Tesla into autopilot mode and was taking care of his dog at the time of the accident.

Following this incident, the US National Road Traffic Safety administration issued a statement warning drivers to always be in control, even though some cars have autonomous features. Tesla’s autopilot has been involved in three different accidents since 2016.

Tesla isn’t the only vehicle that crashes because of its autonomous capability. Because last year Uber’s autonomous vehicle was involved in a fatal accident in Arizona, and later shared information that the vehicle did not recognize the pedestrian.

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