U.S. electric vehicle owners prepare to choose engine sound for their vehicles

Last year, the US Federal Government decided that manufacturers of electric and Hybrid vehicles should add artificial engine sounds to their vehicles. The artificial sound to be added is intended to alert pedestrians while vehicles are travelling at low speed, while the US National Highway Traffic Safety Authority has raised the issue of allowing car owners to choose the sound they will use.

The draft law, submitted by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), states that drivers can use any sound options that will be installed on the vehicle. It also wants to gather feedback on limiting fake noises that manufacturers will upload to the vehicle.

In addition to the bill, which is expected to be added as an amendment to the February 2018 resolution, the NHTSA has extended the process of complying with the law until 2020. Until 2021, vehicles from the European Union have been extended to comply with the law.

Under the new laws, all newly produced newly produced electric vehicles weighing 4.5 tonnes or less must make an audible sound when moving back or forth at speeds of 30 km/h. According to the NHTSA, there are factors such as tyre and wind sound at higher speeds at 20 miles, so there is no need to add sound to the vehicle in this speed bar. Let’s add that NHTSA does not impose any sanctions on manufacturers as to how these sounds will be added to warn pedestrians with visual impairments and vision impairments.

Mercedes-Benz, VW and Mercedes-AMG have already selected audio for the vehicles it manufactures, while Porsche Taycan is trying to sell its users $500 worth of in-car accessories for Electric Sports Vehicles.

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