Two Skewers With Ajurlu Increment Women’s Booty Construction

Making 2-color women’s booties with number 3 knitting scars that you can finish in a short time. Ladies who want to knit an easy knit booty.

The two skewer ladies’ booty models described in the video are for number 38 feet. For larger numbers, the number of harosha on the sides can be increased and paths can be knitted on the feet of number 39 or 40. You can knit 36 or 37 number knitted booties by making 10-12 rows instead of 14 rows of harosha.

Starting from the front for this booty model, which is woven with two skewers. Knitting is started with 11 stitches and reverse knitted at the first time of the knitting. In the 2nd row, 3 stitches are knitted straight and the increment is knitted to be 5 straight loops. The increments are knitted as reverse mesh.

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