Two Layers of Fibre With Flowers

Did you know that making double fibre with flowers is one of the most sought-after models? Flowery fiber models are the most popular models of lovers.

We share our fiber models and ladies who want to be made with flowers and two floors. You can also call this model a flower garden. It’s a highly requested fiber sample. The fiber model is two-fold. It’s a round fiber model. It is also decorated with flowers, so it can be called a floral fiber model.

The most popular fibers are folded, flowered and patterned models. The ladies like the fibres that look like rattle. Crochet fibers that look sleazy rather than simplicity are more interesting.  Dowry fiber models are also usually selected from patterned ones. If you’re going to make fiber, I suggest you choose patterned models.

Çiçekli iki kat lif yapılışı

The narrated fiber model with flowers in the middle and beads in the middle of the flower is quite easy to make. It falls into the category of easy fiber models. Light pink for fiber making. dark pink, white and green fiber rope was used. As crochet, number 7 crochet is used. With the white rope, you can start making fiber sieves that pull 6 or 7 chains.

With the narrative fiber video, Ören tried to share her creation. Ören ms. Ören, whose fine details are included in the video, shares models that can be made by those who never know how to make fiber. we’ve been featured in the category before. You can look at previous mesh fiber narratives. It features crochet fiber models and narratives. 

If you can’t make the fiber in the video, you can ask us in the comments section. You can be sure we’ll be able to help.

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