Two-Color Tunisian work Making Ms. Beret

Making a beret with Turkish video narration made with tunisian knitting model. The production of a two-color Tunisian work model of the most popular female beret models.

Tunisian knitting berets are a very widely made example. The women’s beret is also used in the Tunisian knitting model. You will witness the construction of a beautiful lady’s beret with tunisian work.

Prepare your beret before the cold days of winter arrive. In particular, we share the construction of one of the berets that young people use the most. The knitting model, which belongs to Ms. Sevil, is made of a wonderful beret with tunisian work.

Tunus işi bere yapımı

You can knit this vesion for your children or for yourself. Two short videos showed the making of a female beret and explained in detail.

The beret made using two colors looks very nice. One white and one made with gray color, so the color combination is great. You can also knit the beret with different colors. Tunisian work with a two-sided palate is being used. We pull up the chain shackles to how much and start knitting.

Beret Model Video 2

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