Twitter officially announced it is removing political ads from its platform

Last month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey officially banned political advertising on the platform after announcing that he would remove political ads from the platform. Twitter’s political advertising policy, which will be launched next week, will offer a new guide for organizations advertising political issues such as climate crisis and abortion.

Please note that Twitter will launch two new advertising policy, political content and social advertising, starting on November 22nd. Political content policy prohibits the paid promotion of any content that refers to candidates, political parties, government officials, legislation, regulations, referendums or voting measures.  As a result, Twitter effectively bans campaigns and candidates from spending money on Twitter ads.

Let’s say that Twitter also prohibits ads from PAC, super-PACs and 501 (c) (4) organizations that are often used as campaign-related fundraising tools in the United States under this restriction.

On the other hand, the company does not completely block advertisements based on social issues on the platform. Under the new socially-based advertising rules, ads covering topics such as climate change, abortion or animal rights will be restricted instead of being completely banned.

Let’s add that problem-based advertisers can’t target users based on age, race, or demographic characteristics, such as a specific location, under the new ad policies. In addition, targets can be made at the state and provincial level.

They will also be banned from advertising based on keywords, such as liberal or conservative. In fact, Twitter’s vice president of reliability and security, Del Harvey, said the company will share a list of banned words in a way that everyone can access. Let’s also mention that the list will be released starting next week.

When we think that political advertising can change the fate of countries, it is possible to say that this new step taken by Twitter is truly valuable. Unlike Facebook, which makes excuses and hides behind the concept of freedom of expression, a social network’s work in this area can enable other social networks to take action.

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