Twitter gives users more authority over chats with new feature

Starting today, Twitter is making the ability to store responses to Tweets open to all users. . This will prevent the company from changing the subject or tone of tweet respondents’ discussion and deflecting users’ topics.

With the feature being streamed, users can choose to store the answer to their Tweets, while those who want to tap the gray icon that appears in the Tweet will be able to see and interact with hidden Tweets. This will allow users to have more control over the chats they have launched, as well as for others to see the whole conversation.

In the meantime, the company has been testing the ability to hide responses to Tweets for some time. According to the data obtained by Twitter during the testing process; users often store Tweets that they think are irrelevant or annoying. In fact, this new option is positioned as an alternative to blocking or muting features. Because 85 percent of people who use the ability to store answers don’t use blocking or muting.

As part of the testing process, people who have cost the public, such as politicians or journalists, have not resorted to the method of hiding answers very much.

In Canada, 27 percent of people whose Tweets are hidden said they will reconsider how they should behave when interacting with people in the future. In addition, users feel that this feature gives them more authority to content they see, just like in muted words.

Within the scope of the test, it was also observed that users wanted to get away from that person after hiding a person’s answer. Twitter will therefore ask if they want to block the account after users hide the response.

Let’s add that some users said in tests that they didn’t want to hide the answers for fear of retaliation because the icons continue to appear.

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