Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, political ads announced to remove from the platform

If you recall, in recent weeks, as we prepare for the US 2020 Presidential Election, we have stated that Facebook and other social networks are ignoring false and false statements in Trump’s election campaign. It looks like i’m not going to be able to Twitter decided to take action against the situation, which was frequently criticised by other candidates in the senate and the opposition wing.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, shared a series of Tweets yesterday announced that they will not include political ads on Twitter. Globally, they will stop all political advertising, Dorsey said, stressing that access to political messages is something to be earned, not to buy.

Dorsey said that political messages gain access when people decide to track or retweet an account, and that paying for access can be used to make this decision through the forced demonstration of targeted political messages to people. he said he changed it.

Stressing that Internet advertising is a very powerful and very effective tool for commercial advertisers, Dorsey said that this force brings a certain amount of risks to the political arena and affects the voting process in a way that affects the lives of millions. Said.

Dorsey said that the running of political ads on the internet brings new challenges, as well as messages that optimize machine learning, micro-targeting, unverified misinformation, and deep fake content. Pointed out.

These difficulties affect not only political advertising, but the entire internet communication, Dorsey said, so the best thing to do in this case is to focus on the origin of these problems without the complexity and extra burden of getting money. expressed.

Referring to Facebook’s attitude towards the issue in his statement, Dorsey said that we were “trying to prevent people from tampering with our system, spreading misleading information, but someone told us to see people’s political advertising. if they pay to force and target… They can say what they want! ?” is not believable.

Dorsey announced that it will stop not only advertising candidates, but also ads for candidates. At the same time, he added, law makers should regulate the legal process of new more forward-thinking laws and political advertising.

Finally, referring to Facebook’s statements, Dorsey stressed that political ads are not associated with freedom of expression, but pay for access.

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