Twitter announces new Topics feature

Twitter, which recently removed political ads from its platform, announced it will launch the Topics feature in the coming months. This new feature is a new feature that can be used to create a it will make it easier to keep track of conversations about a topic with a single tap.

Topic suggestions will also appear on your homepage and search bar. Topic suggestions that will appear in the search bar will be based on what you are already following on Twitter and what you tend to look for.

In the feature, you can follow a lot of topics, from your favorite band to your favorite team to the team you’ve hired and even to celebrities you admire. When you choose to follow a topic on Twitter, let’s add that you’ll see Tweets from relevant experts, fans, or accounts that tend to talk about it.

Previously, users had to track, search, or look at the Research tab to track or search for current tweets to keep up with developments on a particular topic. Thanks to the new Topics feature, users have the option to see the most relevant and interesting Tweets about the topics they care about with a single tap.

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