Twitter admits to using information acquired with two-factor verification to target advertising

Today’s social media platforms have access to a wide number of information, from our phone number to our email addresses. Platforms that collect this information for security reasons also use the information they obtain to show advertising.

To remind you, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’sTwitter account was hackedby hackers last month. This month, twitter came up with a very different story, confessed to a security breach.

Twitter, which shared a statement on the subject today, admitted that it used phone numbers and email addresses to show targeted ads through two-factor verification. Twitter explained that it uses the information obtained through the two-factor verification security option to target“unintentionally”ads, and underlined that personal data is not shared with the company’s third-party partners.

According to a statement made by Twitter as of September 17,the phone numbers and e-mail addresses obtained for advertising, but only for security reasons began to be used. Twitter shared that the problem was done inadvertently and therefore it is not known how many users were affected, apologized to its users and took steps to prevent such a problem from happening again. he also said he was going to throw it away.

Let us also remind you that we face a lot of similar security problems on social media platforms. Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms of our time, often encounters similar security violations. However, these issues are not only included in the Facebook platform.

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