Twitter adds a new warning to manipulated visual content

With the proliferation of technologies such as Deep Fake and the increase in disinformation processes in political campaigns on social networks, Twitter is taking important steps to protect its platform. The company today unveiled a new warning tag that it will add to manipulated visual content with content shared from its Twitter Security account.

After that, users will use a manipulated image in the shares, and the “manipulated media” tag will be released under the image. Users will be able to access informative news sources about changing the image by clicking on this tag.

In addition, the company can update the security rules; he added the title “synthetic and manipulated visual content” to the list of rules for authenticity. The company has made a change; public and non-governmental organizations and academic experts have come to life with ideas they get, he said. He also said they had received more than 6,500 feedback on their approach.

In his blog post, Twitter also shares details on how the system works and why this new feature has been implemented. This new feature brought by Twitter brings to mind Facebook’s cooperation with institutions such as in the face of disinformation.

As the 2020 U.S. Presidential election approaches, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey announced in a stream of tweets that they would not run political ads on the platform, unlike Facebook. This approach to disinformation will instill confidence in users in the long run, which has come up with more powers for users in conversations in recent months.


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