Twitch gets new design 8 years after its launch

Launched eight years ago, Twitchgained a new look ahead of the Twitchcon event in San Diego on September 27-29. Twitch’s new design includes a new logo, a new purple color and a new font. At the TwitchCon event, the company will stress that it is not just a tool for showing video games, it is a multi-purpose live streaming platform.

Let’s remember that the campaign came after you lost one of Twitch’s biggest stars, Tyler Blevins,known as “Ninja”, to an opponent. With 14 million followers, Blevins had a significant audience during the Fortnite marathon sessions. In August, however, Blevins switched to a rival Microsoft-owned service, the Mixer. This forced Twitch to innovate.

Twitch’s COO, Sara Clemens,described Twitch’s renewal not as “moving away from gaming”, but as “an expansion that will serve emerging talent and new types of content”. Clemens said it was not possible to have a career in the gaming industry before Twitch, adding that players now need services like Twitch to express themselves.

Twitch is a service that everyone can use as a “live broadcast platform”, even though it may be a platform for gamers. The platform’s new slogan ,“You’re one of us”,will adorn billboards across the United States and include online ads that demonstrate twitch’s new goal of versatility.

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