Turkish Workshop in New Communication Environments proposes “Bounce” to the term Re-Tweet

Suggestions on The Turkish equivalents of foreign terms used on social networks in the Turkish Workshop in new communication environments were raised on social media. Shared suggestions include Turkish equivalents for terms such as Re-Tweet, Influencer, Caps and Diss.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Turkish Informatics Association, the Turkish Language Association (TDK), Istanbul Development University and Istanbul Okan University. In the workshop, nearly 60 participants moved to the tables allocated to the working groups and started working on controversial terms in the areas of their interest. Linguists and TDK experts, as well as academicians and industry representatives who were experts in their field, took part in each study group.

The proposals presented by the working groups are as follows:

Re-Tweet (RT): Bounce

Diss throw: Sending answers

Stalker: Virtual espionage

Influencer: Experiencer

Cyber bot: Cyber can

Teaser: Intriguing video

Caps: Written Picture, Picture Comment

Caption: Picture Six

Meanwhile, the workshop, which is expected to discuss more than 100 terms, said that nearly 40 solution proposals have been proposed. we can say it’s going to be difficult.

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